Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Lake Powell!

 We had such a great time in Lake Powell! Hanksville bosts the "best burgers anywhere" and Blondies...that's saying something since there's NOTHING ANYWHERE near Hanksville!

 Our houseboat had a cool slide!
 Jon was SO excited to be back in Powell! He hasn't been there since our first date 22 years ago!
 EJ loved the red sand and playing with all the kids!

 We rode out to watch the fireworks on the fourth of July. It was cool, and a little freaky driving the boats out in the pitch black! Glad we had flashlights and a whole slew of boats doing the same thing!

 We celebrated Josh's 19 birthday with our traditional birthday pancakes!!! Happy birthday buddy!
 A pretty fun way to celebrate I think!!1
 We went hiking to some Indian ruins....

 Had ice cream and frozen lemonade at the marina!!!
 Of course...cliff diving and jumping is crazy and fun! ( I was quite happy to take pictures!)
 Even our little invalid had fun on the tubes!!!
 OK seriously.....look at the size of that cake!!!!!!!!! Thanks Uncle Jared!!!!

 Our good friend Kaleb came with us, he seemed to have a great time!!!
 When not in the water, the kids played games and made bracelets on the houseboat!
 Tubing was the favorite, along with wake boarding, skiing and some knee boarding!
 Even the moms had fun on the water!!!!

 EJ seemed to really enjoy napping on the rough waves and even in the heat...maybe we need to go for a boat ride every day!!!

 Tyler got up on skis and the wakeboard!! WHOO HOO!!!
 Jaemon was super brave and tried to water ski....he was so close and did such a great job!
 What the?????? yes this is how we found the baby one night when we checked on her. She had climbed out of her crib and done this.......such a comfy position.
 We had a great time with friends, cousins and just being together! We missed our Jen Boo who decided to also go to lake Powell, but with her two best friends instead of us boring family. She also had a great time and we are pretty sure this is going to become a new family tradition! I was nervous to take all the kids, I thought I would be scared the whole time, but it ended up being really really fun, relaxing and a happy happy week!
Did I mention we would do anything to stay cool? Next summer this boy will be far far away in HUMID, WET, HOT South Korea....and he won't be able to cool off like he did this week! We will miss him and we're so glad he had a good birthday and fun time with us this year!!!