Friday, June 25, 2010

Something fun, everyday. WEEDING.

My kids ask me daily, so what are we doing for fun today? REALLY? Do we need to do something BIG EVERYDAY? Yes, it's called WEEDING And LOTS OF IT. We do lots of other things, like swim, play with cousins, friends, movies, sleepovers, BBQ's, camps, ball, dance, play the WII, go to parks, snowcones, Lagoon, you know the drill. BUT, we live on 5 acres. 5 ACRES, I tell you. And there is an overabundance of WEEDS. So, along with all the fun, guess what we do almost EVERY day for FUN? We WEED. Get used to it kids. That's your big fun thing everyday. Did I mention, 5 ACRES?
Partying it up with the Fam! (yep, a little weeding happened before they all came for swimming, BBQing and playing!)
Seven Peaks.................too big, too crowded, too many people, but lots of smiles! (they had to weed before we went!)
Happy Father's Day to my Jonaroni, Jaemon picked out the cool Alien shirt, to match his. It was a fun day with all the family here. (yes, we weeded before they all got here, lots of it. Remember, 5 stinkin' ACRES!) We took the day off of weeding in honor of Dad, at least for that day!

Fun dance recitals, Gracie and Jen did a FABULOUS job!!!! (yes, we weeded that day too)
Brennan got to go to Shadow Mtn camp for a few days and also to a BYU basketball camp with a few of his best friends. He had lots of fun, and got out of weeding for a bit!
Lots and lots and lots of swimming, swimming lessons, swimming pools, swimming in the backyard which waters the weeds to make them grow, which means more weeding for us :) Notice Josh is absent from this whole months worth of pictures. He is at basketball camp, basketball and more basketball. In his spare time he goes to play basketball. Oh, and by the way, BASKETBALL, is where he is 24/7. He will be weeding when he gets home! We have 5 acres remember, guess what his next big fun thing to do is?????????? Yep........ WEED! FUN!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

The BIG family Vacation!!!!

We started out on our BIG family vacation on Broadway, at Wicked!!! It was AMAZING!!!
We went on a subway to Ground Zero and saw where the twin towers used to be, it is incredible to imagine the height of them, and the terror that must have been felt on the streets. I loved this memorial to the brave firefighters and service people who helped so many people on that horrible day. We were all in awe of what happened on this spot and felt renewed patriotism for our country.
Lady Liberty was fun and FREEZING!!!

Time Square was intensely overwhelming, but oh so very fun! I want to come back on New Years Eve to see the ball drop! We especially loved the M&M store, the Hershey's store (see a pattern here?) and Toys R Us!!!
Hey DUMB DUMB give me some GUM GUM!!! Jaemon was ECSTATIC to see this famous "thing" from Night At the Museum in the museum of Natural History.
Yummy NYC ice cream in front of the Radio City Music Hall!!!
The view from the Empire State Building! Josh and Tyler were terrified, but in the end, they were glad they went up the 90 floors to the top!
Does it get any better than the American Doll store? HEAVEN!
We took the train from NYC to Buffalo, an 8 hour drive through beautiful country, full of lakes, trees and cute little towns!
We met my parents to tour many church history sights, they were all amazing. This is the Kirtland temple, first dedicated temple for our church. Even though it's not owned by us anymore, the Spirit is still strong inside. We loved touring it and the surrounding areas, like the Whitney Farm and the school of the Prophets, the Mill and where Joseph Smith lived for awhile.
Next we were off to Niagara Falls!!! YAY! Dad and I got to go into CANADA!!! Our home sweet home!!! The majestic beauty and sheer size of these falls are breathtaking!

We went on the Maid of the Mist, the boat that goes right up close to the falls. We were SOAKING wet and it was more than a little terrifying! Josh, Brennan and Tyler Jon and my dad absoloutely LOVED it! Me and the little ones stood back a bit. Words actually can't describe the amount of water that comes over these falls! It is so loud too! Incredible!!
The RCMP! (Royal Canadian Mounted Police)
Toronto Ontario Temple
A HUGE highlight for me was seeing my 2 best friends from high school, Shona and Cheryl. We got to go out to dinner and reminisce about old times. It's funny how even after many many years, it's like we've never been apart! I LOVE these girls!
In Belleville Ontario we went to visit graves of our Great Great Grandparents. Grandpa told us lots of stories about them and we planted flowers next to them and cleaned them off. What a great experience for my kids to get to know their ancestors!
We went to Old Fort McHenry in Kingston, a working Fort from the British Army. They did a whole re-enactment of enlisting privates! The kids got to where tunics and they put Jen and my dad in jail with muskets! It was so fun!
One of Jon's favorite places to eat from his mission days is New York Fries, and no they are not in New York! They are a Canadian Franchise. You have to eat the homemade fries with malt vinegar and they are everyone's favorite! (Well, not mine, for obvious reasons) but everyone else loves 'em!

This picture in the Sacred Grove is priceless. We told all the kids to go and find a quiet place to pray about Joseph Smith. This is what a found around the corner from me, it's Gracie and Jaemon kneeling by a bench. This was the neatest thing, the greatest place. The Spirit in this grove is tangible, it is so strong, you can almost touch it. Truly one of the best places on earth.
We had a family testimony meeting in the grove. I pray with all my heart that the things my kids felt here on this day will remain with them through their whole lives.
The Hill Cumorah.
We did baptisms for the dead in the Palmyra temple. It was a great experience. The temple is small, but beautiful and the window that looks into the Sacred Grove makes it so unique and special.
Outside the home where the church was organized. We learned so much.
There was a big storm as we left Chicago, but above it was the most beautiful sunset. I hope none of us will forget this trip. I had prayed and hoped for my kids to gain a stronger testimony, a greater appreciation for pioneers and Joseph Smith. A knowledge and gratitude for family. A closeness with each other, and insight into things they had never seen before. My expectations were far exceeded and I'm so so grateful we were able to go!