Friday, October 5, 2012


I was super spoiled this month because my groovy sister in laws surprised me with an early "20th anniversary of my 20th birthday" trip to NEW YORK!!! We had such an AMAZING time!!! Getting lost on the subway, weird dudes ON the subway, Ryan P Esquire III, good food, Mary Poppins, so much fun. Thanks girls! 

 Josh is still plugging away at the MTC! He leaves in 3 weeks!
 Gracie sorta, kinda, learned to ride her two wheeler!!! Good job Gracie Ruth!

 Brennan and Tyler performed in their Real Rock Band concert! Ty played the electric guitar and Brennan played drums! My favorite was Sweet Child o' Mine!!! They did a GREAT job!

 My two sweet sisters are both having babies and are due within days of each other! We had a "little man" shower for them, they're so cute!
 We have watched an INSANE amount of football. Brennan, Tyler and Jaemon all play on different teams and are doing pretty well. It's been a lot of running around but they have really enjoyed it!
 For Homecoming week Jen and the rest of the Student Council decorated the whole school like Wizard of Oz. It was really well done and they had so much fun doing it!
 Eisley Jayne hangs out with mom all day. I am taking a photography class so she is my little model while we are home. She is learning lots of words and tries so hard, we are loving her so much!
 Did we mention a LOT of football?
 Jen at the Skyhawk rally, the seniors won....of course!!!!

 Jen had a great time at Homecoming, she looked gorgeous and her date, Ryan, was a perfect gentleman!!!

My sister Beckie had her baby!!!! Jrexyn Malachi Gibson was born on Oct 2.....which is also
Jeamon's birthday!!! What a cool birthday present BUD!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't believe he's really 9. He is such a great kid, we love him!  Happy Birthday and Happy Fall!!!!!