Monday, July 21, 2008

Canada Day & the 4th of July

We get to celebrate 2 great holidays from 2 great countries in July! July 1st is Canada Day and July 4 is Independence Day in the US. We had a fun BBQ , complete with Canadian "All Dressed" chips and Nanaimo Bas and with s'mores and fireworks in Richard and Kimberly's back yard, they have such a cute new house and it has a fire pit in the backyard, perfect for roasting marshmallows. The kids absoloutely loved it!!!
On the 4th we had everyone over to our house for yet another BBQ and swimming too. We had a blast in the pool, and then the winds picked up, or should I say, the hurricane blew in! We packed up everything and headed inside for the rest of the night It calmed down in time for fireworks, Josh's favorite. He loves the 4th because the next day is his birthday! It was a fun day both days!!!

Oh Canada!

It was amazing to go back to my "hometown"Winnipeg Manitoba Canada. I got to visit my old High School, Vincent Massey Collegiate, which was wierd, but fun. It doesn't seem like it's been 18 years since I graduated!!! The BDI holds many, MANY memories for me....oh my!!! Needless to say, the ice cream is really great, but the bridge over the Red River, where you walk to eat the ice cream, is even better!! There truly is nothing like a prairie sunset. This picture was taken at 9:30 at night, the sun goes down late in the North, plus there's nothing blocking the sun! I love and miss those beautiful, endless sunsets. Most of all, I enjoyed every single minute with my Grandma Bennett. She is a beautiful, amazing lady and I learn so much from her. I admire her and respect her more than I can ever explain. She has had a huge impact on my life, and I love her so much. I'm so grateful for the chance I had to go "home" this summer, it renewed my sense of who I am and where I come from, what I need to teach my children, and how I need to be! I am truly blessed to have come from a place like this, and sometimes it takes going back to our roots to feel and know that. It was a great trip, one I will never forget!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Baby it's hot out here!

The kids headed out to enjoy the 97 degree weather! I think they each had 8 otter pops and were on a huge sugar high! It was fun to watch them being silly and jumping around in the heat!

Jenica's Competition in Vegas

Jenica and I had a great time in Vegas! Their team did better than they ever have, placing 1st in lyrical and hip hop! They also placed 1st in their big Best of Show and we so excited!!! We had fun hanging by the pool and stuffing our faces with delicious cheesecake at the Cheesecake Factory. Most of all, I enjoyed seeing my cute girl so thrilled and spending rare one on one time together! Way to go Stars!!!!!