Wednesday, March 28, 2012

California- oh we LOVE you!!!

 One of our very favorite places to go as a family!!!
 We got to come to Disneyland AGAIN! We had season passes and have had so many fun memories this year. It has been a blast! This time we went with our wonderful friends, the Obrays. Love them, love all the fun we had!
 No matter how hard we just NEVER EVER comes out!!!!
 We got to bring Jen a little early with us for some family time before she went on her choir tour, she had a great time with us and then with the choir, they took first place in their festival and it was so good for her! She sang in a catholic cathedral and two LDS churches, as well as the competition and also a dinner cruise and Disneyland, we were happy that we got to hear her at church and are so glad she had the opportunity to sing with such great kids!!!
 Gotta love Sully! I think EJ looks just like Boo in Monsters Inc, so cute!
 Cute sunshiny smiles!
 Toy Story Mania is always a LOOONG wait, and SOOOO Fun!!!
 All the hats are so fun, it's amazing what "goes" at Disneyland, it truly has a little culture of it's own.

 We could watch World of Color every night, we love it!!!
 We stayed at Embassy Suites, and the kids wanted to spend the whole time "going up and down on the elevator" and especially thought going all the way to the top was super cool!
 LOVE IT! Every single time we have to take this standard picture, every time there's a little whining, and every single time it turns out so cute, and I love it!!!

 Yummy treats!
 A very favorite, always!
 All the boys got "build your own" light sabres. Then enjoyed epic wars all night, pretty sure the force is strong in our families.
 The water was frigid, but that would never ever stop this beach loving boy!
 Little Chinese beach beauty!
 There are always so many smiles at the beach, it's just a happy happy place!
 We went to the LA zoo, it was the first time we'd gone and even though it was very busy, we still had fun seeing some cool animals, and also loved the kettle corn.....isn't that what it's really all about?

We have loved all the trips we've taken to Disneyland this year, this one may be the last time we go with the whole family for a few years while Josh is on his mission. I'm thankful that we have made so many memories together, it is a magical place, but the magic is really in the family. I love mine, I love spending time together. YAY!!!