Monday, June 11, 2012

A week of BEACH!!!!!

A few months ago we asked Josh what he'd like to do with the family before he leaves for his mission. We only had two stipulations, we couldn't fly there, and everyone would have fun. He chose the beach. So we got looking at different options and found this amazing beach house in Oxnard California that was right on the beach and perfect. And when I say really was! We had so much fun!
 A very fun thing was the six person bike, there was also a 4 seater one. We went on bike rides a lot and had fun racing them!
 There were these fresh fruit stands all over the place, we loved the oranges and strawberries, there were lots of orange groves and strawberry fields near by......delicious!!!
 Mostly, the kids LOVED playing in the water and on the sand!
 He wishes he could just be a beach bum....well, that or LeBron James.
 The house had everything, a fully equipped kitchen, soft comfortable beds, big screen tv's, and a great hot tub!
 Each person picked a meal to help with, dad's meal was freshly caught lobster and steak......everyone loved it, except Gracie...she chewed the lobster for about 1/2 hour before she finally swallowed it....guess she takes after her mom and doesn't really love seafood........
 LOVED this every night.......abosolutely gorgeous!!!!

 Lots of board games!
 Cute sandy EJ toes!!!!

 S'mores and campfires on the beach.....nothing better!
 I made some fun food, this was one concoction!!!! I also made ice cream a lot, my kids loved it and I ate too much of it!!!

 We had a nature scavenger of the items on the list to find was something you think is a treasure....Jaemon got a beer bottle lid. Hmmmmmmm?????? That's a great treasure buddy!
 Of course the nightly ritual began with the NBA semi-final games. We had to watch them religiously, that was part of the deal for the biggest two boys....then we'd play games or watch movies....we tried to watch all the Star Wars movies (that's on Josh's bucket list too)but we only made it through three.....then we'd had enough and tried other great Forrest Gump!!!!!
 I took the three oldest to Six Flags one day (CRAZIEST RIDES EVER) and brought back the little boys these super hero capes...they had a BLAST playing Batman and Superman!

 We really loved this vacation. We made lots of great memories together and really enjoyed every minute. Very soon our family dynamics will change dramatically, so I treasured this time with all of my little babies (some of which aren't so little!) and I am so glad we went!
And of course, if we're in California................. we couldn't resist a little Disney!