Sunday, January 22, 2012

A most amazing lady

 On December 22, on her 95 birthday at 11:42 pm my sweet grandma Evelyn Frances Simpson Bennett passed away after a major stroke that left her in a coma for 9 days. She was definitely one of the most influential people in my life. She was a pioneer, joining the church when she was 30 and converting her husband, sons, sisters and many neighbors and friends. She had a testimony that was unshakeable, she was feisty, she was funny, she was compassionate and she was smart. I will miss her dearly, with all of my heart.
 She had  a very soft spot in her heart for Jon and he was honored to be one of the pallbearers, with my brothers and cousins.
 My other sweet grandma Dyer came, she is not well either. She can't walk so Josh and Jared and Uncle Bob carried her into the graveside service.
 This breaks my heart. Grandma was planning on coming in April to meet Eisley. She obviously never did and never will meet her here on this earth. She talked to her a few weeks before she died and gave her a sweet bear that I will always treasure. but I wish, oh how I wish, she could met her. She was so excited about the whole adoption and loved to talk to me about it. I know she will look down on us though, and because of her Eisley will be raised in a home where she will be taught about the gospel.
 The whole Bennett posterity.
 It was a beautiful, sunshiny day in January. There were even bees around the flowers and it was 55 degrees. Amazing for the middle of winter!
 I took a rose from her casket and keep it in my journal with my other grandpa's roses from their caskets.
 My siblings and I
 Mom and Dad. Dad was and is an amazing son. He took such good care of Grandma and loved her, adored her. He will miss her so much.
 Kristin, Me and Carol. When we were little, we were the very best of friends and cousins. Love these girls.
 The Bennett's!

 I thought her flowers were beautiful. She loved peach and purple and yellow. I love the Canadian flag, her heritage was very important to her and will continue to be for all of us.

 My kids!
 A beautiful person, inside and out.
 My grandma and my dad.
 When Jon had his camaro we took her for a drive, like I said, she was super, super feisty and fun, she wanted to go really fast and when she got in the car, she said "I feel like a rich bitch!!!!!" That always cracked me up, she wasn't ever afraid to speak her mind or say how she felt. She held her family together and was stubborn, funny, and so strongwilled and strong minded. I loved listening to her tell stories about her family, about the gospel, about my grandpa and her boys. I loved going to her house when I was a little girl, going to her cottage, and learning to cook candy cane cookies with her. I loved going to visit them on the train when I was a teenager, just me, and going shopping, to movies, swimming and watching baseball and hockey with them. I have so many many wonderful happy memories of her.
A few years ago I went up to visit grandma for a week all by myself. I took her to do all her errands, we bought a new couch and loveseat, we got her some shoes and we went to eat and shopped a lot. We went on rides around Winnipeg and I cleaned out her bathroom, some cupboards, her fridge and some of her old papers. We talked for hours and hours and hours. I wrote down a lot of the stories she told me and I'm so glad I did.  I will treasure them forever. I was honored to be able to help dress her for burial in her temple clothes. I loved that her shoes were a little frayed, a little dirty and a lot worn. I loved that she kept them pristinely white and pressed. I loved the last service I was able to render for her. I am eternally grateful for her. I love you grandma. I will miss you and I can't wait to see you again. Love, "BOO"!

Monday, January 9, 2012

Oh what fun it is to......

 Go to Disneyland at Christmastime!
 Listen to Jenica sing at temple square and see the beautiful lights!!1
 Dress up in pretty, fancy clothes!!!
 Make an ASTOUNDING gingerbread house ha!ha!
 Sit on Santa's lap for the first time.....well, she didn't think it was all that fun, but I have seven pictures of seven different  cute baby Chisholm kids doing the EXACT same thing, couldn't leave her out!!!!
 Eat a yummy Snowman pancake on Christmas Eve morning!! (But not so fun to have the tummy yuck flu that day!)
 To go see the Festival of lights!!!
 To have a little bundle of joy on her first Christmas with us!!!
 To act out the most important story there is!
 To get cute Grinch Christmas jammies and pillowcases!!!!!!
 To go to church on Christmas Sunday, I can't think of a better place to be that day!
 To get a first present!!!!!!
 To open our special books that mom puts together of our year!!!
 To get WOOD for Christmas!!! To build the coolest fort EVER!!!
 To be loved enough to get great gifts!!!!
 Hug a wonderful grandma!!!!
 To get one of her two front teeth for Christmas!!!!
 To get an angel ornament to remind you always of an angel great grandma who will always be watching over you!
 To get ribbons put in your hair for the last time for two years before you serve a mission, these next two years will be some of the most memorable of your life!
 Have a  family ugly sweater party and laugh hysterically at white elephant gifts.... (felines and hot men anyone?)
To have a visit from another "special" visitor!

Oh what fun this year has been........we have so much to be thankful for. Seven beautiful, healthy children. A good marriage. A good career. A beautiful home. Parents who are healthy and supportive. Wonderful siblings. Our testimonies. Safety and peace in our community. Good friends. We have so much to look forward to. We celebrated Chinese New Year on New Years Eve this year, it seemed fitting since so much of our lives have encompassed China this year. We are so grateful for all that we have, we hope to be able to give back to so many more and to share all of our blessings. Happy 2012. What a fun, productive year this last one has been!