Thursday, May 26, 2011

My graduates!!!!

It's time to party!!!!!! WE'RE DONE!!!!

My oldest biggest boy! Graduated from Salem Hills with High Honors! Way to go Josh, we are so VERY VERY proud of you! We love you and know you will go far with the educational choices you are making. Before you know it, you'll be done with BYU and then Dental school! You have always had high hopes, goals and dreams. This is a huge step in accomplishing so many of them. Don't ever forget the amazing memories you have made these years. You will always and forever look back on them as some of the best years of your life. You lived them well, you made good choices, did good, hard and fun things and succeeded in so many ways!! We will miss going to see you play basketball and tennis at the school, we will miss your wonderful friends hanging out here, we will miss having to wake you up EVERY morning to get you out the door.....but please PLEASE don't leave too soon, we love you and are so proud and happy for you! Congratulations Josh!
Our cute cute middle boy Brennan, graduated from sixth grade and Elementary school this week! He too has wonderful grades, is a smarty pants and has wonderful memories of this great school! He has great friends and has so much fun with them, he will miss some of them as he goes on to middle school, but many of them will go with him! Good job Brennan, we are so proud of you too! You have so many exciting, wonderful, happy things to look forward too! Keep making good decisions, keep trying hard and keep smiling......we know you will go far!!!!
My preschool and high school graduates...both on the same day.......a little much for mama!!!!!
Good job baby Gracie! She had so much fun in preschool this year and learned to read, write and knows all her numbers! What a smart girl! She had fun with her best friend Chloe, and will miss her lots when they go to different schools next year for Kindergarten! I can't believe you're already going to Kindergarten! You will love it baby girl and will have so much fun meeting new friends, having a great teacher, and learning and growing all the time! We are proud of you too and know you will always try hard!!!! Good job Grace!!!!
My three cute graduates. This was a big week for them, for our family. We are so thrilled for all of them.....and of course the other three as well....we are very proud of them too, they just don't get the distinction of "graduating" yet!!! Happy Days! Dream Big, Soar High, Reach for the Stars......and always always remember WE LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Lots of dancing!

Jen and Gracie had their dance recital a week ago. It was a Disney theme, and it was SO cute! Jen danced to Lion King and Gracie was Tinkerbell. They did a GREAT job and we loved watching them!!!
Easter Sunday was a bit chilly and rainy, but we still had fun with our new baby chicks, having

a yummy dinner at Grandma's and finding our Easter baskets!
Josh had his Senior Prom........looking pretty dang sharp!
These guys are the best of friends (Trenton, Michael, Josh, Justin and Nick) they have really grown up together and are great kids. I am so thankful for their influence and example for Josh. They went to a fun restaurant and had a great night. Their dates looked absolutely gorgeous and they are all great girls too.
Josh and Haley have been going together all year. She looked so beautiful in her dress and him in his tux. I am proud of both of them, they have high standards and are good, good kids. I hope they continue to make good decisions and keep being the great kids they are now. They have a lot ahead of them. I am proud of my biggest boy for setting his sights on greatness and for pushing through even when things are hard. He's a good example for his siblings, they look up to and admire him, and I am grateful for him paving the path for them! He'll always remember this fun night, what a great time of his life!