Monday, May 28, 2012

Busy Busy May!

 May is a busy busy month!! We've had a LOT going on! Jen is excited to be on next years Student Council and seminary council!
 Jaemon got a very very close second on his pinewood derby race...he was oh SO close to getting first!!! And his car was definitely COOL!!! He got the lightening bolt award and was very very excited about the race!!
 Jen had lots of track meets, and PR'd (personal record) quite a bit and did great!
 She also sang in choir concerts and took top honors at their choir festival!
 Tyler was a top student and completed fifth grade honor roll! He also performed in a play at school and was cast as Abraham Lincoln and recited the Gettysburg address!! Good job TY!!!! He also placed second at the Hershey Track in the 200 meter, over all!!!! Not to mention, his talent show where he placed first in his pie eating THAT is a talent!!!!

 A very very special day was May 19, when Josh went through the Manti temple! We are so proud of him and the decisions he his making. We are cherishing every moment we have with him before he leaves on his mission Aug 8.
 Track awards!
 We got a new TOY!!!! Lots of fun summer memories in the making!!!
 Three of Josh's best friends went into the MTC on the same day. He will miss them lots. He has just a few more weeks till his best friend leaves for Guam. Sad to see them all go, but exciting times for these great kids.
 Jen took Conner to MORP, they had a great time and were so cute, he is one of her best friends!
 Jaemon got the mathematician award in his class....he most certainly DID NOT inherit his math smarts from his mother!! Way to go Jaemon!!
 Here is Ty was his Class helper award and medals for track!!!
 Jen also went to Prom.....she was dreaming of a yellow dress, and she looked like a beautiful princess in this girl! She had a great time!!!
 Piano recital was good, love it when they're short and sweet! All the kids did a great job. Sometimes they wonder why I make them practice and take piano, but I love the music in our home and I think every single one of them has lots of talent and should use it!!!
 Brennan had a choir concert where all the songs were Disney. He liked the one from Newsies and I Can go the Distance from Hercules! Good job bud!!!
 Gracie graduated from Kindergarten! We are proud of her and her accomplishments this year, she really has learned a lot and had a great time with Mrs Mayhew and her friends! She is ready for first grade......not sure mom is.... I will miss her and always cry harder the first day of first grade then any other grade!!!
 Here are some of Jaemons favorite projects this year.....he did a big project on alligators and deciding to say no to drugs!!!! He worked hard and is ready to go on to third grade!! WOW!!!!!!
Honor roll for Brennan. Except for art, he did great this term........ ART.....isn't that one of the easier ones???? Apparently not!!!! We are happy for him doing so well.
Yes, May was fun. And we decided not to have any of them play baseball this year.......WHAT?????? We may sabbotage all their chances for ever being MBA players.......yes, we just may. But I am happy to not spend every single second at the baseball diamond (or 4 for that matter) every single night. I think we've been plenty busy without it....and the way the summer is shaping's not going to get any less busy!!!  Good times!!!