Sunday, November 14, 2010

Gracie's 5th bday!

We had a lot of fun celebrating our big 5 year old's birthday! (pink cupcakes, build a bear, and Color Me much fun!)

I am having a very hard time believing she is really five. We are so grateful for our sweet Gracie and love so many things about her!
Here are some of the things we love about Gracie Ruth.
-she still can't say her F's or V's so she says "S" and "Z" for them, and I am adamant that no-one corrects her because I love it! She also calls Family Home Evening, "Has, hasning" and I will also kill anyone who dares try to change it!
-she loves to sing and dance and does so regularly all over the house!
-she is through and through ALL girl. Loves pink, loves purple, loves dresses, loves bows and frills, loves her dollies and is sugar and spice and everything nice!
-she loves salad more than cookies and chocolate, which is wierd, (being that she's my daughter) but so so cute.
-she gives big hugs regularly and tells us all she loves us soooooo much all the time.
- We LOVE that she is such blessing in our home, we are so grateful she chose to come to our family.
Happy birthday sweet girl!!!

Friday, November 5, 2010

Trick or Treat!

Start the day off right, ghostly pumpkin pancakes, orange hot chocolate with ghostly marshmallows floating in it!!!
Josh was Shaggy, (well actually, we took these pics the day before Halloween because he left for Washington DC the next morning early) so he wasn't really anything, but being a nice kid, he dressed up for pics anyway!!! Jen was a gypsie, Brennan, a jester skeleton, Ty, a jailbird, Jaemon the mad hatter (which was my favorite costume EVER!!!!) and Gracie, Alice in Wonderland. Next year they're all going to be Cheshire Cats cuz I think he's way cool.
Quite the jack-o-lantern artistry, I do believe!
It was a torrential downpour about 1/2 hr before trick or treating was supposed to begin, and then it suddenly stopped and a beautiful double rainbow came out! It ended up being a perfect night for tricks and treats!!!! Happy Halloween!!!