Thursday, February 24, 2011

Salem Hills Basketball-life lessons.

This has been quite the ride for the Salem Hills varsity boys basketball team this year. There have been many life lessons learned. They started out very hopeful, and with lots and lots of potential. They had a few major set backs, like finding out one of their teammates has cancer, and losing some very important games. They found out what it means to be a team, to rally around each other, to depend on each other, to win and lose, with dignity and sportsmanship. They supported and loved their cute manager, Zeke, who has autism, and helped him get his first and last winning basket. They sweat, and swore a lot! They wrote the number 5 on their arms, shoes, and wore "strong" shirts in recognition of Eric. They travelled together, ate together, spent every single day together and played their worst and best together. They got frustrated, they lost, they pulled it together and they won! These boys are like brothers, family, teammates on and off the court.

As a mom, I felt like part of my heart was out there on that court, in that locker room, on the bus, being yelled at, being praised, being frustrated and heartbroken, and being so happy. I am so proud of my biggest boy for learning so many life lessons this year. His character has grown, his compassion has increased, his passion and love of this game has dwindled, faded, burned brighter and gotten stronger and will always and forever partly define him. I'm sad that it's over, I'm so glad he had the opportunity to play all three years of high school, I am thrilled he got to play with such amazing kids and know these memories will shape his outlook on life for many years to come. Way to go #23!!!! We love you!!!!!!