Thursday, August 26, 2010

New shoes and a new year.

I'm having a hard time with this one, he's a Senior this year. This was his last first day. He's all laid back and easy going about it, (or so he seems)I'm a wreck. He is afterall, just a newborn y'know.
And the Sophomores at SHHS better watch out, because here comes some serious SPUNK! She is on Dance Company and had a love hate relationship with her clothing on the first day. These shoes are absoloutely AWESOME that she got to wear as well as the sweats and she got to perform at the opening assembly amidst thunderous yelling and applause, but she had to wear her hair back, and that shows off her HUGE forehead and big head. So, she had to "suffer" through the day and all the compliments about their dance even with a big forehead. AAAAAH, high school!!!! FUN!
The traditional "back to school"breakfast with treats. (I always give them a little treat on the day they go back, this year it said "We know you're a smart cookie, and that you won't blow it, do your best this year, just chill and you'll do a great job!") attached was a pkg of cookies, kleenex and "chill" trident mints. They were thrilled because after today, it's cold cereal all year!!!! Ha Ha

The new shoes are a very, very, very important part of the experience. Gracie even put on her cool converse, even though her school doesn't start till next week. Josh also had extremely amazing gold Nike's that he thinks are personally touched by angels but he left to quick for me to take a picture of them.
One 6th grader, one fourth grader, one first grader. They are all excited. I have mixed emotions, I'm happy for them to have a schedule, I'm happy to have a semi clean house for a few hours. But, I miss them when they're gone. I love having them around and I love being their mom. I cried after they left for my biggest boy on his last first day, my biggest girl being in High School, my two middles who think they are so dang big and tough, my littlest boy who is in school all day and will soon call me by his teacher's name because he sees her more than me, and for my baby girl who will be lonely without them. And for me, because, WHEW, now I can go get some new shoes for myself...............without ANY help at all!!!!!!!!!!!!! (those were tears of happiness!)
GOOD LUCK GUYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

The "rest" of the summer!

We had a great weekend with the Chisholm's. We did lots of fun things, but most of all we really enjoyed being together! We had a weenie roast and had a fantastic time roasting and throwing marshmellows!
Tubing the Provo River was fun, except it was freezing, raining and thundering and a few people (grandma included), fell out of the rafts!
We went to Yuba for boating, skiing and playing, it was a teensy bit windy!
We love to go tubing and boating!
Cousins camp with all the Bennett cousins! We went swimming, had treats, made a craft and played all day!

On the 24 of July we went to Monroe for the "BIG" parade, went swimming and got to go "plunking" with Grandpa!

We had a great time going on the Pioneer Trek with our stake. We got to be Ma and Pa to seven great kids, (not including our own!) it was an amazing experience and we learned a lot about the pioneers, their sacrifices and gained a better appreciation and testimony of them.
We went to the Stadium of Fire on the fourth of July and saw Carrie Underwood and loved the fireworks!!!
Canada Day was lots of fun, we got to have a BBQ, fireworks and a concert put on by all the cousins!

It's been a great summer, full of fun, family and friends. Even though we're sad to see it end, we have lots of great memories to remember and now it's time for new school adventures!!