Wednesday, March 23, 2011

A pretty girl and a HOT date

Jen gets to go to her first dance on not with a hot date, she has 4 months and a few hours till her birthday (ask her, she'll tell you the exact moment she turns 16!) but she is helping decorate with her dance company, so she needed a dress. It was so fun to go shopping for her first formal dress and shoes, and necklace and earrings. I love my teenagers, this is such a fun time in their lives and I hope they know how much I love these great, exciting events in their lives!!!!!!

THIS IS MY HOT DATE!!!!!! With my two favorite Jon's. My own personal Jon and Mr Bon Jovi. Jonny gave me tickets to my FAVORITE band ever, for Christmas. I had such an amazing time......I know I may be a bit of a groupie, but I was like a little 14 year old girl when I saw Mr Bon Jovi himself come out on that stage, I almost cried. Really.
Sad. Well, not sad, it was SO AWESOME!!!!!!!!!
I love both these Jon's.
OK, not really, I love one of their music, and I love the other one heart and soul.
Thanks for the hot date babe, it was great!