Sunday, March 28, 2010

Easter Traditions

I love getting my kids Easter clothes. It's a problem, I really scope out stuff and look for the "right" outfit! It's kind of ridiculous, but it's really fun for me. This year I went with grey and I don't know what color it is....greenish, yellowish, goldish....whatever. I made Gracie's dress, it's a little bubble dress and I love it! (I'm not an incredible seamstress, but it was fun)! I also made Jaemon's tie, I think it's so cute. The others I searched high and low for, and finally found them! I was thrilled, they really couldn't care less, but it's a tradition that I love!!!!
Since Easter is during Conference and we will be out of town, they wore them today and I always make them do a big photo shoot, they're used to it now and don't whine as much as they used too, they were great sports!!!!
My oldest two kids are becoming quite accomplished in the kitchen and they made dessert (cream cheese brownies, mmmmm!) and potstickers for dinner. Josh learned how to make them in Japanese class and they were AWESOME! It's becoming a Sunday tradition that they cook at least part of the meal. I LIKE IT.....
Then we did our annual Easter egg dying extravaganza. Do you think 48 eggs is a bit over the top? My whole kitchen smells like eggs, I HATE eggs, but the dying is so fun. The kids had a blast, and they were very very colorful. We tried glitter eggs this year and sports for the boys, of course. Quite the artistic masterpieces.
We love Easter, what a wonderful time of the year, rebirth, renewing, starting fresh and looking forward to a wonderful Spring!!!

Saturday, March 20, 2010


I have 3 sets of kids; The Bigs, The Tweens and The Littles. I spend a lot of time taking The Bigs and The Tweens to all of their activities, and I mean A LOT of time. Sometimes The Littles don't want to be the taxi passengers and I forget that they really are really really LITTLE. I get upset with them whining and wanting to listen to "Eye of the Tiger" over and over (yes I know that's strange little kid music, but they really really love it) needing an ice cream any time we go near McD's, the smeary fingerprints all over my Iphone because that's what they play with whenever we're out n' about which is ALWAYS, but when we live in the car, I will do about anything to get them to stop fighting, complaining and carrying on!Many times the Bigs and Tweens complain about all the "stuff" too. Well, I got to thinking about when my BIGS weren't so big, and what we did all day. Things were a lot simpler than. A Lot. I started feeling melancholy and guilty. SO, we got out the bubbles. I'm telling ya, bubbles are the cure all for most things. We had a blast. My Littles got to be little, they were happy. My Tweens came home and they had a blast too, cuz after all, they're part little too. My Bigs saw the pictures and said "ahhhh, we want to play with bubbles". We all played with bubbles.
Sometimes I struggle between good things, better things, and best things. I try to juggle them all, I try to do what's right for all three sets of kids. But today, best was just bubbles. Nothing else mattered.
It was the best.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Piece of Cake??????

I've always thought that cake decorating was so cool, but also a little ridiculous. Why would you ever spend so much time on something...when you're just going to eat it? Plus, I don't really like cake, the actual food, I'll take brownies ANY day. However, I got asked to make a cake for a RS dinner and thought I'd toy around with fondant, which I think is like grown up play doh! WOW! It was WAY fun!!!! I love how it turned out, (well I don't like the writing on the little fondant lollipop, but I didn't have a smaller writing tool, so oh well) Anyway, I'm certainly no expert, not even close, not even in a category. BUT, it was fun to be creative with something different for a few hours! So, now I'm off to ruin it and eat it. But, this time I don't think it's so ridiculous, it was really fun! (Oh and BTW, the cake is triple chocolate fudge, very similar to a brownie, so I'm gonna love it!!!)

Saturday, March 6, 2010

It's in the blood!

My big boy isn't the only one who loves basketball! My middle two love it too. They both played a great season, each of them had good coaches, fun playing, and even had other coaches ask about them to play on accelerated teams. The important thing though, at this age, I think, is to just have a great time, learn the fundamentals and learn to have good sportsmanship. I don't think we'll ever be NBA material at this house, but it's a lot of fun cheering them on, and I'm thankful for the good things they learn from playing sports!! Good job B and T!!!! You're AWESOME!!!!

Monday, March 1, 2010

Region baby!

THEY WON!!!!!!!