Friday, July 23, 2010

41's the new 31!

Happy Birthday to my sweetie! This is my absoloute very favorite picture of him when he was about 6. For a long long time, this was the ONLY picture I had of him when he was little! I love those little mischevious eyes!
If you know anything about my family, you will see a VERY striking resemblance to our oldest son in this picture. A little bit eerie! What a cute, cute 17 year old he was!
This little "toy"of his is Jon's favorite thing over this past year, and I'm very proud of him, he hasn't even got a ticket......YET (and certainly NOT because he's very very good at following ALL the traffic rules, no no no, quite the opposite! He's just sneaky about it!) He babies it like a newborn, and is extremely particular about how and when it is driven.
I am so happy to have this birthday boy in my life. He is the greatest husband, father and best friend I could ask for and I love him so much! Happy Birthday babe!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

19 years on the 19th!

We took a little getaway to Park City to celebrate our 19th anniversary! Jon enjoyed the yummy wontons we had at a little Japanese grill, YUM!
I enjoyed the beautiful roses I got from my honey! Look how cute the little towels shaped like two swans with rose petals were on the bed! I thought they were too cute to ruin, so I slept on the floor.................ok, not really.
I'm glad we got to get away even if it was close to home and not too extravagant. It was just really nice to spend some time together. It's amazing to think 19 years ago wasn't just yesterday! We've been through a lot of things, good and bad, but I can honestly say I love this guy more now, much more now, then I ever thought possible. Happy Anniversary Jonny! Love you so much!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

15 Candles!

The traditional birthday pancake!!!! (on the birthday plate, of course)
That's ALOT of presents! All she asked for was texting and a facebook page, unfortunately we are extremely mean parents and got her all this instead! Notice her way cute outfit she got at the mall earlier in the day for part of her present!!!!
Sakura is her favorite place to go, she loves the show they put on to make the food!!! YUM! She even got some ice cream with a candle in it!!!! (which she graciously shared with her brothers and sister!)
15 candles! WOW! It's crazy to think she's this old! High school this year, driving, lots of fun things to look forward too! We love this sweet, cute girl! Happy Birthday Jen Boo!!!!!!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

He's 17!

What do you do on the big 17 bday?
Eat a yummy basketball cake, with a bunch of candles! (yes, he ate most of it himself, he is a GROWING HUNGRY boy!)
Play with airsoft guns, go to his very favorite restaraunt and have chicken parmesan (his favorite), then go to a movie!
Open presents, (this year he got a whole bunch of gift cards for dating, eating out and GAS!)
And of course, traditionally on his birthday, he always gets fireworks since he was born the day after the 4th and fireworks were going off right outside his room the night he was born! We love this big 17 year old boy. Glad he's ours, glad he's good, glad he's big, but now stop.....cuz I can't handle the next few birthdays......that will mean he's TOO big! HAPPY BIRTHDAY JOSHIE!!!!!!!!!