Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Spring Break... Disney Style!!

We went to Disneyland and SoCal for Spring Break! We love this place!!! Our tradition is to always go on Pirates first.....YoHo YoHo a Pirates life for me!!!!
We got Josh a "just graduated" button.....that freaked me out a bit, but I made him wear it ha!ha!
Even though I've been a million times, I still get really, really excited to see the Big Mouse himself!!!!!!!!!!!!
We went to the new World of Color twice, we absolutely love it! It's the coolest water, light show, makes me want to sit and watch all the Disney movies from when I was little, and all the newer ones too. It really is so fun!
We went to Laguna Beach for one of the days and had a blast playing in the waves, sand and just relaxing.

We love this trip, we do it often, and every time there are memories made. This time some of the favorites were:
The kids quoting Megamind and saying "Unfathomable...without Fathom" over and over and over.
Gracie telling me the Princesses were absolutely ADORABLE and that it was "worth the loooong wait to see them"
Jaemon saying that Indiana Jones (or just Inny, as he calls it) "just makes his day"
The new Electronic "Tron" show and watching the kids dance to the cool DJ's in California Adventures
Jaemon watching his ice cube melt at dinner and saying when it finally melted "the whole world will come apart" (it was hilarious)
Waiting in lines and laughing
People watching and laughing
Playing fun games in the car and laughing

We love family vacations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

April Fools Day!!!

For breakfast we had Spaghetti and meatballs, peas and carrots, corn on the cob and mashed potatoes. Oh, and delicious fruit punch.
Everyone read their chores for the day. They weren't hard, just cleaning the cows and chickens with windex, and bleaching the cow corral, eating 2 lbs of brussels sprouts and raw fish, organizing their closets according to moms favorite candy bar, cleaning each blade of grass (only the back yard) with a Q tip, ironing their socks, taking apart all the electronic devices and cleaning out their innards with lysol, cleaning out the sandbox with a spoon and writing "April Fools Day" 15,ooo times in their best handwriting.
Hmmmm, enjoying their "fruit punch" (it was actually jello)!
Loving those "corn on the cobs" for breakfast!!!!!!
The funniest face was Tyler, who read the chores and then said ,"Really? I have to do all that before school? But the bus comes in just a few minutes, can I do them later?" and Gracie who went to the drawer and got out her Cinderella spoon to head out to start cleaning out the sand box.

Happy April Fools Day............... FUNNY!!!!!