Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Birthday twins....or not!

I have often been asked if these two are twins, but they are not! They have two very distinct birth stories and two whole years and a few hours between them! It is hard to believe they are 13 and 11! Here are some of my favorite things about each one of them.

Brennan: He is a huge, HUGE tease! Sometimes to his own detriment! He gets what he deserves at times! He is funny, smart and very quick witted. He is kind and grateful and sensitive. He is such fantastic kid, a great friend and brother, so glad he is a teenager now, he will be a great one!!!! Love you buddy!

Tyler: He is just always happy. He whistles all the time, sings all the time and just enjoys life. He works hard and feels things passionately. He is a great brother, good friend and tries really hard in school and in everything he does. He is and always has been a little fighter, and we love him so much !!!!!!

Happy Birthday to my two twins, who aren't twins.... boys....I love you so much!!!!!!!