Sunday, April 25, 2010

Is he really old enough?

For PROM that is? I can't believe this big boy in a tux, is MY son!!!! He looked so handsome!!!!!
These beautiful girls said yes to Josh and some of his best friends for Prom this year, I couldn't be more thrilled with their choices! Their dresses were elegant, modest and beautiful and they were kind and sweet too, what more could a mom ask?
Josh, Nic, Michael, Zach and Hunter. Such great kids. I am so thankful Josh has such great friends.
What cute kids.
Josh and Saysha. She is one of Josh's good friends and a real sweetie. I'm glad they got to go to this big dance together. I am so not ready, so, so, so not ready for him to grow up in so many ways. But, at the same time, I love seeing him have so much fun, with great kids who have the same values and standards as him. I loved my high school years, they were so different than the ones he's experiencing, and I'm so grateful he is living it up!!!!! He'll always be my baby, but he is growing up, whether I like it or not, and I'm glad he's turning out to be such a great kid!! What a fun night!!!!!!!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

What a week!!!

The week started out with Josh getting answered to Prom! He's going with a very cute girl named Saysha.

Jen had an incredibly busy week. She was Wendy Joe in Footloose at her school and did a GREAT job, and she also tried out for the high school cheer squad. In her spare time she decided to also run for student council, so we got to come up with a slogan, make posters and write essays.
Brennan had his 5th grade Wax Museum. He did his state report on Illinois so we decided to do his famous person on Pres Obama. It was fun to color his hair black and put a little "tanner" on his face. We think he makes a stunning Commander in Chief!

Gracie was a pixie in her very first dance performance. She did such a great job and was so sweet in her little blue tutu!
It was a very very busy week, in all honesty, most weeks are just like this, but this one was particularly fun!
I love watching my kids do things that make them better people, that stretch them a little, or a lot. I enjoy helping them and being there for them.
That's what being a mom is right?
Yep! And I love it!
Good job guys!!!

Friday, April 9, 2010

Fun in San Francisco!!

We had a great trip to San Francisco for Spring Break! It was a very long long long long drive, but we made the best of it, and NO my daughter is NOT flipping you off, it's the other finger :)

We had a great time at the Golden Gate Park

The Beach was too cold to swim in, but fun to look at!

The infamous trolley was a great ride!
The beautiful Painted Ladies (I LOVE the houses in this city!)
While on the sightseeing bus, everyone was STARVING so Jonny went and got a whole butload of hot dogs.....made the hot dog man really really happy!

The double decker bus was windy windy windy, but a fun ride.
And of course, no trip is complete without lots and lots of swimming.
We had a good time at Alcatraz, I think I'm going to post this sign in my house.

THE ROCK! (can we leave naughty children here?)
We had yummy crepes for breakfast one day, mmmmmmm mmmmmm good.
On the pier there were a whole bunch of Sea Lions, they were barking and fighting, it was pretty cool!
Cold and beautiful sunsets.
No trip to San Francisco would be complete without a trip and a big SUNDAE from Ghiradelli!
A ride down the crookedest street is so fun and different!
On Easter we went to a beautiful Catholic Cathedral, Jen and Marissa lit candles. It was a change from what we were used to and a neat church to see.
We went to the Palace, it was pouring rain and freezing cold, but made for pretty pictures!
Muir Woods and the Redwoods was gorgeous!

We had such a great time together, with great friends. What a fun trip we had. It is so fun to go to new places and see things we don't usually see. San Francisco is such a unique, and beautiful city! The kids were great, the company was great, the food was INCREDIBLE, and the memories will last a lifetime!