Thursday, February 23, 2012

All we need is LOVE!!!

 We've had a very eventful few months! Eisley had not one, but.....
 TWO surgeries to fix her soft and hard palate and to put tubes in her ears to help her hear better and to fight ear infections better. The hard palate is working, the soft is not. This is frustrating because no-one seems to know what to do to fix it. We are praying for an answer, it has been very difficult for her and for us to feed her only clear fluids and very very soft foods for over a month now. Poor baby, she has been through so much. We really are hoping for nothing short of a miracle to help her heal and to help her to be able to talk and have a normal life.  We love her so much and through these difficult weeks, we have bonded and loved her even more!

 Our newest "Brace Face" is excited because he got to pick blue and yellow for his elastics (Salem colors of course) and to be "cool" like some of his was WAY cool until the next morning and they HURT!!!!!!! I love this cute boy!!!!!!!!
 Tyler has played lots and LOTS of basketball on a team in Salem. He also won in his elementary school Shoot off for the whole school and went to the four school shoot off! He did AWESOME!!! I'm pretty sure his new cool glasses have helped him do so well!!!   I love this hoop shootin' kid!!!!!!
 We have had very very little snow, so the snow we have gotten, we've tried to make the most of it!!! Love snow, love these snowy angels of mine!!!
 We had fun celebrating Chinese New Year!!! The Year of the Dragon!!! Did I mention I love (most things) Chinese!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 Our beautiful Gracie performed in Alice in Wonderland for her dance recital and did a great job, she looks so adorable in her tutu!!! I love watching her perform and love watching her cute big toothless smile!! Love this girl!!!!!
 Josh......Josh.....Josh..... is sending in his MISSION PAPERS in two weeks. I am not even going to comment on it much. Other than to say, I'm NOT OLD ENOUGH!!!!!!!  This is causing me some amount of major stress also, can I just say? Well, we're very excited and proud of him and can't wait for his call to come. (I am so hoping it is NOT Mexico) I love this boy. I love that he is willing and ready and excited to serve his Heavenly Father. I love that he is a good example to his siblings, and I love that he is going to be an awesome servant of the Lord.
Cute Jen went to Sweethearts and had a great time with her date, Chandler. She looked beautiful and she is having so much fun dating, hanging out with friends and doing well in school. She has started going to the temple every other Wednesday and she is also the Laurel president in our ward. I can't believe how good these kids are, in SPITE of their mother!!!!! I love her, I love her gorgeous smile, I love her positive attitude and I love how happy she is!!!!
Valentines was fun! Jaemon was so excited to have chocolate fondue and do his Valentine Tic Tac Toe Game for his friends! He has been one of the sickies, really really sick over the past week or so, I hate it when he's not feeling good, he just cries. However, I love that he still wants to cuddle, still wants me to hold him and read to him and still thinks I'm pretty cool. Love this cute boy!!!!
I made little Valentine dresses for the girls. I am very thankful for love. I know that sounds cheesy, but we have been blessed a lot over these last few months with concern and love from lots of family and friends. They've been  worried about EJ and we've had lots of sickness otherwise, getting ready for Josh's mission and trying to do all the normal every day things that has been hard on all of us. I have been really stressed about so many things, and when I feel the most down or stressed, I just remember that we are not alone, we are loved so much by someone who is in charge of all of it!!! I am thankful for Him and wonderful angels He sends to help us. Sometimes when things seem really rough (and they have seemed like that lately) it is best to remember that "All we need is Love" and it'll get us through.  Well, that and a little bit of chocolate always helps!!