Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Simple pleasures

So we were getting ready to go out to eat and we couldn't find Gracie or Jaemon and when we came outside, there they were jumping around in rain puddles and having a great time!

I love the simple pleasures of childhood, like rain puddles! Life doesn't get any better than that! What if we all jumped around in puddles? Wouldn't that be fun?
Well, I just loved watching them laugh and play and get all wet!
When we were driving away we noticed the beautiful rainbow and Brennan explained to the little guys the significance of it. Jaemon promptly said "so Jesus IS watching us right mom?" All I could say was, "yeah buddy, he sure is!!!"

Sept 4 2008

Do you ever have a day where the world just seems right?
Today was one of those days!
Rachael, my youngest sister got married to a great guy.
If that was all, that would be enough, but there is so much more to the story!

Rach has been through a lot in the past few years and I have been fortunate enough to have been able to be there for her, (as big sisters should, right?) during some of the hard times.

In the temple, I was just so overwhelmed with happiness for her. I don't know why, but I think sometimes, sisters share a real physical bond and they can feel each others emotions. I felt hers today. I felt the loneliness, the sadness, the insecurities, the anxieties and the doubting melt away and in their place was peace, warmth, love, hope, security, and faith. I can't describe how happy I am for her, and I hope and pray with all my heart this marriage will last forever! She so deserves it!!!

We were honored to have their wedding dinner in our backyard. We worked hard to make it nice for them and I hope they enjoyed themselves. The food was delicious, the people were so sweet and everyone was happy. 

It was a beautiful day, congrats Germ and Jared, we love you!!!!!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

My 1st 10k

Well, I never thought I'd say this, but I ran (and finished!!) my 1st 10k on labor day this year!
I have to say, it was very exhilerating! And also, pretty hard!! But hey, I didn't come in last, I came in 39th, and 9th for my age group!! Not too shabby!!!!!!
My friend, Marcia and I have been working towards it all summer, she is a very experienced runner and really helped me along! I am so glad she was there for me!!!
What an amazing feeling it is to set a goal like this and actually accomplish it! 
I have really tried this year to get and stay in shape with different work outs and activities and running was probably my least favorite, but after getting the hang of it and really commiting myself to it, I have to say that I really enjoy it now. I love getting up early when the sun is just coming out over the mountains and listening to the steady rhythm of my shoes on the pavement and trying to keep my breathing steady and even. It's amazing the way I've been able to clear my head and work out things while I've been running, it's become therapy for me! So, I did it and I am proud of myself!! I hope I can do it again....maybe a half marathon next time!!! :)