Friday, December 17, 2010

12 and 10

Brennan and Tyler are constantly asked if they're twins! They're not, but their birthday dates are only 14 hours apart! Brennan's is Dec 15 at 8:20 pm and Tyler's is December 16 at 10:13 am! I love that they are such great friends and share a room, friends, and most especially great brotherly advice. They are so good for each other and I love them both so much!
Happy 10th Birthday Ty-Bug! You have always been pretty tough! You started out with some rough times, but pulled through and now you still fight through things and excel! Some things we love about you....your kindness and tenderness to your brothers and sisters, your intensity in everything you do, your thoughtfulness, and that you love life and work hard!!! We love you!!!
Happy 12th birthday Brennan! I can't believe you're going to be a Deacon at church and almost be a teenager!!!! Time goes so fast! Some things we love about you are, your personality: you love to tease and joke and sometimes be sarcastic, but always loving and kind. You think of other people and are always the first one to ask to help. You are responsible and do well in school, sports and everything you put your mind to! We love you!!
We had a WAY COOL party! A big Semi came full of video games for the boys and 16 of their friends to play. Inside were 4 big screen TV's, and every video game and console out there. They had such a blast! It was fun to see them have so much fun! Happy Birthday to my two middle boys, WE LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!

Friday, December 3, 2010

Let me explain

This is what all the girls decided to do on Thanksgiving dinner AFTER it had all been cooked, cleaned, washed, swept, put away, bathed, folded, de-germatized, you get the general idea. We were tired so we went in my room, put this sign on the door, and watched sitcoms for an hour on my bed. It was wonderful!!!!!!!!
This is how the daddy's behaved.................while we were doing the afforementioned various "Thanksgiving duties"hence.............the sign on the door and the mommy "time-out"
32 people is a heck of a lot of people to feed turkey to. My arms are about falling off here, while Jon tried to take a "not blurry" picture. It actually was pretty gosh dang yummy if I do say so myself.........just call me Martha. HA HA HA!Here is the crazy lot of us. It really is insane when we all get together. We have a lot to be grateful for. I'm grateful they all came, that we had a blast, and that they all have homes to go to after the festivities are done!