Saturday, May 2, 2009

California Dreamin'

Oh we LOVE California, we love Disneyland, the Beach, PINKBERRY!!!!!!!!

We had so much fun there for spring break, here are some of the highlights:

Josh: meeting those dang cute girls from Tucson with Hunter....and getting their phone numbers!!!! California Screamin', the beach baby!!!!
Jen: getting to hang out with Kenna and Katie....ahhh friends are the best.....families ok!!!!! Matterhorn. And that one guy at Soarin' over Cal who couldn't stop staring......she's 13 BUDDY!!!!!!!
Brennan: Getting his little shot glass (yes he collects them, no we're not promoting drinking :) ) at Tower of Terror. Splash Mtn.
Tyler: Riding T O T for the first time and LOVING IT!!!!!! Space Mtn totally rocks!!!!!
Jaemon: Getting to ride all the cool BIG rides, all the MTNS!!!!! Haunted Mansion and Space Mtn are the best!
Gracie: Having lunch with the princesses, Ariel, Belle, Cinderella, Jasmine, Aurora.......does it get any better? Small World and Dumbo.

Cathi: Staying late with my bigger kids and having so much fun with them. The fireworks over the matterhorn while we were on it!!! Gracie's face when she got to hug all her favorite "Bubusses" (princesses) Jaemon when he was on Tower of Terror and his HUGE blue eyes!!! I LOVE Space Mtn and California Screamin"!!!!
Jon: The beach....making sand castles with the boys. Splash Mtn. NOT having to go on any carousels or swings :)Mulholland Madness, Grizzlie Bear Rapids.  My wife not shopping AT ALL!!!!!! :)

Family Vacations are the best, they make the memories that keep the family close....we have so much fun on them!!!!!


DeHart Family said...

I love it.. Sounds like so much fun.. What would it be like to not have a baby on that trip. We try to go every other year and it would be fun to not have a little one you could do more.

Heather said...

Cute looks so fun....I LOVE DISNEYLAND too. What's the Pinkberry.. that sounds fun.

Becky said...

What a FUN vacation! Your kids are all so cute and what fun ages for a disneyland trip! Our family favorites are Splash Mountain and Tower of Terror! I tried to ride Splash Mtn last year but unfortunately they wouldn't allow pregnant women on the was a bummer! :(