Monday, August 22, 2011

Fun Summer!!!!!

We've had a fun summer, it's gone by way to fast, here are some of the highlights!
The Santaquin days parade is always fun, the kids get to run for candy and the staff and Jon get to throw out toothbrushes! We go to the rodeo and the park, it's a fun tradition!!!
We played lots and lots of baseball! Brennan played catcher a lot this season, his team didn't do so hot, but he had fun!

Brennan also is sweating it out on the football field (he is number 4) I can't believe he's playing tackle football....scares his over protective mom to death!
Did I mention lots and LOTS of baseball! 3 boys playing on three different teams, and Tyler's team went to State! They lost but he still had a great season!
Fireworks for the 1st (Canada Day) the 4th, the 5th (Josh's bday) and the 24!
The kids had lemonade stands and made some actual spending money! YAY!!!
Visiting and helping Great Grandma Dyer was fun, we love her and we spent the day helping her move furniture and weeding!
CAMPING!!!!! And yes, in a TENT!!!!!!!
I made this quilt for Josh this summer, it was his graduation present, it is made of all his sport t-shirts and jerseys and some other fun shirts from over the years, the one in the top middle is from his very first t-ball team when he was 5!!!
And a little more baseball.........
Cherry Hill with the cousins was fun and shady and nice! There were also some days at Seven Peaks, but I hate Seven Peaks so therefore, no pictures! But the kids had fun!!!
Lagoon for the family reunion!!!
We set up the slide in our backyard and had lots of water fun with it and our pool!
SPLASH mountain at Disneyland is always a HUGE highlight!!!!!
We went to a dinner show in California called Midevil times, we watched real horses with knights and our red knight won the whole contest! It was really fun, but Jaemon, Brennan and Josh had allergies from the horses so bad, they had to leave part way through it! Horses and them do NOT get along. It was cool to watch the knights joust and "fight"like in olden times though!
For Jon's bday we went to Huntington Beach! It was so SO SO much fun! We buried him in the sand and he took a nice birthday nap while we played in the sun, sand and water!
We celebrated our 20 anniversary! WOW! We didn't do anything extravagant, but we had a great time together and I am so glad we are still in love after what seems like a long time! I still remember clearly that day and I've never regretted the decision I made to marry my best friend!
For Jen's 16 bday we went to Tuacahn to see the Little Mermaid! My good friend gave us a backstage tour and we got to meet a bunch of the actors and walk around on the stage! It was great. The only sad part was that the play got rained out after the first 15 minutes! Bummer! But still fun!!
We went boating and tubing with aunts and uncles who are cool enough to take us out on their boats!
And more baseball....Jaemon loved his first year and it was the best since Dad coached him!
One of our traditions is to go to the Discovery Park and Purple Turtle in Lindon. We go on one of our "Terrific Tuesdays" and we take a picture of the kids on the monkey bars. They are so big now and one was working, so he's not even in the picture, but I love it just the same! I love summer, it is hectic, harried and busy, but also fun, happy, sunshiny and easy going. I love having my kids home, I love having them with me. I miss them when they're gone and even though I'm ready for school to start, I will miss my babies when they are at school! It was a great summer guys!!!!!!


DeHart Family said...

Huntington beach was the beach i went to all the time as a little kid. Looks fun.

Heather said...

That's one crazy fun-filled summer. Glad you had lots of great experiences together. Bring on the school year.

Becky said...

Party on! Maybe you'll get a short little breather to rest up before the Halloween festivities start up! (Although with all those kids what are the chances of any sort of breather :) Thanks for asking how the mama was doing with Jackson getting hurt...I am doing good. My heart sank when I looked down and the principal, Jax and the team Dr were yelling for me from the sideline (I didn't see the accident happen as Jax was in the middle of a tackle and he ran off the field by himself so I didn't know he was hurt)...the dr explained that there was a chance Jax could lose his eye...a little more panic set in...and then a tender mercy came, I just had a calm feeling that everything would be ok and I've trusted that feeling ever since. Thank goodness for help from heaven :)