Saturday, September 8, 2012

Fist Day of School!

It's back to school time!!! It's happened really fast. We had a great summer, but I guess it's probably time to get back to the grind!!!
 I'm having a hard time with this sweet little Boo Bear is a senior!!!! She is also School Historian and she was so excited to wear her student council sweater (even though it was 100 degrees!) I am excited for her to have a great year!

 Eighth grade seems like a pack of ravenous wolves to me. But Brennan is a great kid. He can handle it!!! (I hope!!!!)
Cute Ty-Bug is in 6th grade! He is ready! Last year of elementary for our cute boy!

 Jaemon is so excited to go to 3rd grade. He can't wait to learn cursive and have lots and lots of homework. (Ha!Ha!Ha!) he really is excited to write stories, he is REALLY great at stories!

 I CAN'T BELIEVE my baby Gracie Ruth is in first grade. I am going to miss her so much. She is my little buddy and best helper and friend. She made me pinkie promise that I wouldn't leave while she was gone so I would be sure to be here to make her a snack (velveeta macaroni and shells, her favorite) when she got home!
 I will miss you guys! I love you!!!
And here is the little munchkin, not to be left out. She has her "backpack" and her little "you're so sharp" sign that she got with pencils like the other kids. We are going to have lots of fun just her and I this year!!!

Elder Chizzy is having his own "school"! He is enjoying the MTC and you can read all about his adventures on his blog, at We miss him, but he's doing well and he is in a great place!