Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Jaemon graduates!!!!

Jaemon has loved his two years at Miss Jill's preschool! He has made great friends and learned  a lot!!!!!
Miss Jill is a wonderful, sweet teacher who loves the kids as well as loves teaching, there's a lot to be said for that!!!!
We got to go listen to Jaemon sing his little lungs out at his graduation, my favorite was the chicken dance and I like being Me. He was VERY excited about his songs and proud of his graduation hat, which they made themselves!!!
I absoloutely love this stage of kids lives, they are so full of life and full of everything else!!! It is so fun to hear their little opinions of things and to hear how they think things work.
Here's to our little "insectavida " (one of Jaemon's special little words, don't ask us what it means, we have absoloutely NO idea!) It's hard to believe my 5th child will be off to kindergarten next year......I'm WAY too young for that!!!!
Love you buddy

Saturday, May 16, 2009

My sweet girl!!!

Jen said to me a few weeks ago, "How come there's not a post just about me?" And I said "Sweetie, I could do a whole BLOG just on you! You are involved with so many fun things right now, I'm waiting to do a whole thing on you when and if you're ever DONE with them!!!!!!!"
SOOOOOO, she is FINALLY done with a few things! (of course in a few weeks, she'll have another performance of some kind!) But for a brief moment I am not the "performing arts" shuttle bus. (VERY brief....)
Anyway, Jen is quite the little performer. She decided to be in a new dance studio this year called Lifehouse and not do Stars anymore. She did this so she could also do Show Choir and theater at school. It turned out to be a great decision!
She has absoloutely LOVED dancing here, and has excelled at it! (she's got some of her Grandma Chis in her!!!) She's danced since she was 3 but I think she's really found her niche here. We loved watching her dance at our church Christmas party to "Breath of Heaven", in her fireside which was beautiful and in her ballet, The Four Seasons (Vivaldi). Her group was Spring, it was really well done technically and artistically.
She has just taken off with her singing and theater performances too. (she's got some of her Grandma B and I guess some of her mom in her somewhere too!) 
Her big show choir movie night included her choreographing Thoroughly Modern Millie and Hairspray, which were so CUTE! (notice the blue dress, that was one of my formals from high school :)  y'all!) Oh I have so many memories of doing this in jr high and high school. I know how much fun they are and I'm glad she's gotten to experience this! She and some of her friends choreographed and made up a dance for the school talent show which they had to audition for, and made it and did such a cute job, this was a big deal for them too!
Finally, she performed as a lead dance soloist and lead ensemble in her school musical "Once on this Island". This was a difficult play for Junior High, and they did an excellent job.
We are proud of her for all her accomplishments this year, but we are even more happy that she's happy, sure of herself, helpful to us and her siblings and a really, really great girl.
We love you so much BOO Bear, way to go!!!!!!!!

Saturday, May 2, 2009

California Dreamin'

Oh we LOVE California, we love Disneyland, the Beach, PINKBERRY!!!!!!!!

We had so much fun there for spring break, here are some of the highlights:

Josh: meeting those dang cute girls from Tucson with Hunter....and getting their phone numbers!!!! California Screamin', the beach baby!!!!
Jen: getting to hang out with Kenna and Katie....ahhh friends are the best.....families ok!!!!! Matterhorn. And that one guy at Soarin' over Cal who couldn't stop staring......she's 13 BUDDY!!!!!!!
Brennan: Getting his little shot glass (yes he collects them, no we're not promoting drinking :) ) at Tower of Terror. Splash Mtn.
Tyler: Riding T O T for the first time and LOVING IT!!!!!! Space Mtn totally rocks!!!!!
Jaemon: Getting to ride all the cool BIG rides, all the MTNS!!!!! Haunted Mansion and Space Mtn are the best!
Gracie: Having lunch with the princesses, Ariel, Belle, Cinderella, Jasmine, Aurora.......does it get any better? Small World and Dumbo.

Cathi: Staying late with my bigger kids and having so much fun with them. The fireworks over the matterhorn while we were on it!!! Gracie's face when she got to hug all her favorite "Bubusses" (princesses) Jaemon when he was on Tower of Terror and his HUGE blue eyes!!! I LOVE Space Mtn and California Screamin"!!!!
Jon: The beach....making sand castles with the boys. Splash Mtn. NOT having to go on any carousels or swings :)Mulholland Madness, Grizzlie Bear Rapids.  My wife not shopping AT ALL!!!!!! :)

Family Vacations are the best, they make the memories that keep the family close....we have so much fun on them!!!!!