Saturday, January 5, 2013

Christmas 2012

 Our version of the Nativity. EJ was the sheep, she played the part well! Brennan got to be Joseph instead of Josh this year, he was so proud!
 Breakfast with Santa and Buddy the elf! Way fun!
 Our two birthday boys, Brennan is 14 and Tyler is 12! They are growing up TOO FAST!
 The Asian Thunder had her third surgery to repair her soft palate. It was called a pharyngeal flap, technically, but I call it "awful, awful, painful, awful." She is such a little trooper and even though it was much harder and much worse then we anticipated, she still had a happy smile on her face most of the time!
 We went on a Christmas cruise, it was interesting! Usually we go on the Polar Express (or North Pole Express), we thought we'd save some money, and we did, but it wasn't nearly as good either! It was fun to go with our friends though and we always enjoy Brick Oven after!
 If you look carefully the note says, "We Love You Josh"...which we definitely do this Christmas. But we are proud of him serving in Seoul!
 Christmas Sunday best!!
 Christmas Eve Eve the kids got the Polar Express Train and got to sleep under the tree and read their books from Christmases past!
 Sledding on Christmas Eve! There was A LOT of snow and it just kept coming! YAY for White Christmases!
 Snowman pancakes!

 My sister, Rachael, showed up with big cardboard Josh on Christmas Eve. Everyone thought it was pretty funny and he watched over all the festivities!Someone even tried to feed him a roll, which stuck to his face....lovely!
 Fishing for our ornaments at grandmas is a fun tradition!
 Cookies and orange juice (so he doesn't get a cold) for SANTA!!!!!! We've had this Santa candle every year since we were married, I'm surprised how long it takes to burn it!
 Christmas Eve jammies and special books. Each child gets one special Christmas book every year with their jambes, as you can imagine with 7 kids, and many years of this, our Christmas book collection is pretty darn huge! We love reading them throughout the season and so many of them have wonderful messages!
 The big present this year is a trip to Southern California!! We even get to stay in a house with a heated pool! SO FUN! Everyone was so happy!
 At Grandma's each of the smaller girls got a special Ginny doll from Grandma, just like me and my sisters and cousins did when we were little from our grandma! They are sweet little madame Alexander dolls and so cute!
 Every year I make the kids a "yearbook" of their lives from the past year. This year I almost bagged it. My computer had major crashes with all of my photos and so it took me three times as long to make them as it usually does. I was up till 3 or later many many nights trying to get them done. They love them though and I was so happy to give them to each child, I know they cherish them and the memories they talk about.
 At the Chisholm party Ellie got a little stool just like EJ's! They were hilarious showing off their tricks on them and jumping and competing with each other! Cute little cousins!

We had a "favorites" dinner where everyone brought a sampling of their favorite food to share. We had tonnes of variety and it was yummy and a lot of fun!
All the grandkids on the Chisholm side (minus Josh) with their bags of gold coins and treats from Grandma and Grandpa!

Talking to our missionary was a wonderful way to end Christmas day. We got to talk for 43 minutes (whose counting!) He is doing so well and we are so proud of him. He is happy, learning the language and serving the Lord. What more could we ask then that? It was a great Christmas with good  memories of service, love, a lot of worry on behalf of Eisley, faith, family and knowing that without our Savior, we would have nothing. We hope this coming year is full of His will in our lives, and faith on our part to follow it.
Merry Christmas and Happy 2013!

Friday, October 5, 2012


I was super spoiled this month because my groovy sister in laws surprised me with an early "20th anniversary of my 20th birthday" trip to NEW YORK!!! We had such an AMAZING time!!! Getting lost on the subway, weird dudes ON the subway, Ryan P Esquire III, good food, Mary Poppins, so much fun. Thanks girls! 

 Josh is still plugging away at the MTC! He leaves in 3 weeks!
 Gracie sorta, kinda, learned to ride her two wheeler!!! Good job Gracie Ruth!

 Brennan and Tyler performed in their Real Rock Band concert! Ty played the electric guitar and Brennan played drums! My favorite was Sweet Child o' Mine!!! They did a GREAT job!

 My two sweet sisters are both having babies and are due within days of each other! We had a "little man" shower for them, they're so cute!
 We have watched an INSANE amount of football. Brennan, Tyler and Jaemon all play on different teams and are doing pretty well. It's been a lot of running around but they have really enjoyed it!
 For Homecoming week Jen and the rest of the Student Council decorated the whole school like Wizard of Oz. It was really well done and they had so much fun doing it!
 Eisley Jayne hangs out with mom all day. I am taking a photography class so she is my little model while we are home. She is learning lots of words and tries so hard, we are loving her so much!
 Did we mention a LOT of football?
 Jen at the Skyhawk rally, the seniors won....of course!!!!

 Jen had a great time at Homecoming, she looked gorgeous and her date, Ryan, was a perfect gentleman!!!

My sister Beckie had her baby!!!! Jrexyn Malachi Gibson was born on Oct 2.....which is also
Jeamon's birthday!!! What a cool birthday present BUD!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't believe he's really 9. He is such a great kid, we love him!  Happy Birthday and Happy Fall!!!!!

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Fist Day of School!

It's back to school time!!! It's happened really fast. We had a great summer, but I guess it's probably time to get back to the grind!!!
 I'm having a hard time with this sweet little Boo Bear is a senior!!!! She is also School Historian and she was so excited to wear her student council sweater (even though it was 100 degrees!) I am excited for her to have a great year!

 Eighth grade seems like a pack of ravenous wolves to me. But Brennan is a great kid. He can handle it!!! (I hope!!!!)
Cute Ty-Bug is in 6th grade! He is ready! Last year of elementary for our cute boy!

 Jaemon is so excited to go to 3rd grade. He can't wait to learn cursive and have lots and lots of homework. (Ha!Ha!Ha!) he really is excited to write stories, he is REALLY great at stories!

 I CAN'T BELIEVE my baby Gracie Ruth is in first grade. I am going to miss her so much. She is my little buddy and best helper and friend. She made me pinkie promise that I wouldn't leave while she was gone so I would be sure to be here to make her a snack (velveeta macaroni and shells, her favorite) when she got home!
 I will miss you guys! I love you!!!
And here is the little munchkin, not to be left out. She has her "backpack" and her little "you're so sharp" sign that she got with pencils like the other kids. We are going to have lots of fun just her and I this year!!!

Elder Chizzy is having his own "school"! He is enjoying the MTC and you can read all about his adventures on his blog, at We miss him, but he's doing well and he is in a great place!